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ALWAYS GOT YOUR BACK: The Return Collection.

We’re back, but we never really left.

Blood Brother was founded in 2011, in the brands then East-London studios. Taking influence from artists, photographers, musicians and filmmakers, the brand and its instantly recognisable o+ trademark became a staple in contemporary menswear.

Years have passed, yet the brands mission remains the same; to bring the latest contemporary and streetwear styles, for and representative of the people that occupy the brands birthplace, London.

Our relaunch see’s the same distinct branding that made Blood Brother recognisable throughout the UK and beyond. The collection takes London street style sensibilities and sportswear-inspired features, to provide pieces with a clear Blood Brother DNA.

Blood Brother stands for belonging, solidarity and respect in all of us – wearers, founders, and collaborators.

As part of the brotherhood, here’s a few must cop pieces from the collection.


Our core collection keeps it clean and simple, with impeccable fits and subtle Blood Brother branding. Despite it’s name, the Core Collection not only represents a staple element of your wardrobe rotation, but a uniform that instantly reflects the streets of London, wherever you are in the world.


The Badged collection takes a deeper dive into the brands routes. A Blood Brother design implemented into each of the pieces, echoes Blood Brother past and future. ‘Never Alone’, recapitulates the brands lasting connection between; wearers, founders and collaborators, whilst instantly recognisable Blood Brother branding pays respect to the brands routes and history.

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